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What is the TreePower?

Over a three-year period TreePower will develop the necessary conditions for starting large-scale commercial domestic production of aviation biofuel from locally produced forest raw materials in Norrbotten. The project is a joint initiative of several actors who are together working to achieve the long-term objectives: fossil-free domestic air travel by 2030, and increased growth and employment in Norrbotten.


Air travel is a necessary and vital mode of transportation for today’s international and export-dependent business and industry, not least in northern Sweden. Sweden has also set a target to be climate-neutral by 2045 and the Swedish aviation sector aims to be fossil-free by 2030.

Aviation biofuel will play an important role in the transition towards fossil-free Swedish air travel, but what is lacking today is an innovation- and business case for an aviation biofuel industry with sufficient production capacity and profitability.

In Norrbotten there is considerable potential to develop and establish large-scale production of aviation biofuel, since the raw materials and knowledge of the forest value chain and renewable energy are already in place.

The project in brief

The aim is to create the conditions for starting large-scale production of aviation biofuel in Norrbotten during the period 2020–2023. The starting point is the region’s specific conditions and the forest value chain, since these ensure the prerequisites for future bio-based industry.

With clearly coordinated efforts within the value chain, biomass from industrial side streams can be extracted and used in new types of applications, while the right conditions can be secured for e.g., systems integration with existing industry.

The project welcomes collaboration and coordination involving other regional, national and international value chains, which can act as potential development partners and future customers for the bio-based industry’s value chain. TreePower’s intention is to utilize business concepts, entrepreneurs, technology providers and financing available within the region and globally.


Luleå Business Region leads and coordinates the work, raises awareness and interest in the relevant arenas, builds partnerships, helps to stimulate demand, promotes knowledge exchange in the region, and identifies and develops synergies from an industrial perspective. The municipalities of Luleå and Piteå participate as funding partners and steering group members. Invest in Norrbotten contributes its cumulative expertise by packaging and demonstrating investment opportunities within the region.

Piteå Science Park contributes its knowledge of the forest industry and via its relation with the Bothnia Bioindustries Cluster (BOBIC), which it supports. Luleå University of Technology contributes expertise within the energy sector, develops technical solutions and collaborates with industry, academia and public-sector bodies to secure necessary research efforts.

Luleå Business Region, Luleå University of Technology, Piteå Science Park.

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