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Treepower welcome the initiative with the Taxonomy and the common work towards a sustainable fossil free future, as the foundation of our existence is characterized by sustainability and the objective of making the aviation sector fossil free. Although, we have identified parts of the current proposal in the Taxonomy that needs to be revised to mirror the conditions and the contribution of the enormous possibilities of bioenergy and renewable power that our region can offer.

The society have to act immediately, to be able to reach the Paris Agreement and the ambition of the Green Deal. We have focused on parts in the Taxonomy relevant for Treepower that needs to be revised.

Following are our comments.

  1. Short timespan given for feedback
  2. Biofuels should not be seen as a transitional activit
  3. Sustainable aviation efficiency
  4. The regional potential
  5. New bio-opportunities

Read the full version of our answer here

The answer is signed by the project group.

Helena Holmgren
Project Leader, TreePower

Fredrik Granberg
CEO, LTU GreenFuels

Ulf Westerberg
Innovation Leader, Piteå Science Park

Carl Wangel
Marketing Director, Luleå Business Region

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